Sitting in a dark room

Pop Quiz!

Do you know that it has been said that human beings have an average 6,000  thoughts a day??

I know, I know…this feels like the same number of times that you hear your kids  saying, “Mawwwh-ummm!” (Echo, echo, echo.)

Seriously though, 6,000 thoughts every darn day.

So, how many of those thoughts do you actually like?

I want you to imagine sitting in a small room, with a speaker broadcasting in the ceiling. The room is dimly lit and you are alone. Don’t worry, there is no alien invasion or interrogation about to happen.

If you were to listen to a playback of your own thoughts on that speaker in that small dimly lit room, what would you hear yourself saying to yourself day after day?

What are the 3 main things that you would probably hear over and over in some form?

Now, I would love to have you report that they are things like:

I am totally rocking this.

I am awesome!

I knew I could do this.

Buuut, I have a little suspicion that might not be the case.

I’m gonna share some of my thoughts that seem to be on repeat. Warning, they aren’t nice and fluffy.

Here goes:

You are never going to figure this out.

It is too late.

You aren’t enough-you aren’t doing enough-you haven’t done enough. Never, ever enough.

That small room, where I envision myself listening to my own mean inner voice over that crackly speaker feels even smaller and darker.

And then, I remind myself that I have the power to open that door.

I was never locked in there and I have every ability to stand up, turn on the light, and open every window and crack open that heavy door.

I have the power to be willing to look in the mirror and open up to the idea that I AM enough, that I will ALWAYS be enough.

Just because you “think” it, doesn’t make it true.

Let me say that again for the moms still worrying and beating themselves up in that dark room, just because you “think” you aren’t enough, or doing enough, it doesn’t make it true.

I promise.

I know differently about you. Let today be enough.

Let God be enough for you.

Let “enough” be the softest place to land by choice every single night.

You have always been enough…and nothing you can do will change that. 

Work With me

Let’s find the place where you stop having daily “beat myself up, add heaps of judgment, with a juicy twist of shame” sessions because you think you are doing it all wrong.

Let’s get back to the place where you believe in yourself and your motherhood.

We can do it together. I promise.
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