Hey there...

I am the mother of seven children and a certified life coach.

I love the color of robin eggs, the smoothness of a good chocolate truffle, and the deliciousness of a Sunday nap.

For years, it seemed like I was enrolled in the “My Worth Depends on My Mothering” course.
Zero stars. Would not recommend.

What I was left with was an awfully brutal self-narrative, feelings of inadequacy and guilt, and a limited ability to connect to myself, God, and the people that I adored.

I am 22 years into my mothering experience and I feel like I finally have every tool I need to be the exact mother I want.

And it feels so much better.

Before finding the answers that transformed not only me, but my motherhood, I spent sooo many nights worrying, crying, and thinking that all of my “worst-case scenarios” were bound to happen.

I blamed myself for not being the perfect mom, then quickly started blaming everyone and everything around me.

But, really, I was just hurting. I was in so much pain.

I read books, articles, joined Facebook groups, commiserated with other moms, went to seminars, signed up for every online course I could find and some of it helped.

But I was still lost.

And then I found and hired a coach and my life changed.

I breathed it all in. I gave myself a chance. I invested in myself and by doing that - completely changed my relationships.

I decided to invest in myself and became a  certified life coach through The Life Coach School, the best school on the planet. I fell in love with this work so much that I applied to coach for The Life Coach School and was hired to coach some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

You are here on this site for a reason and I can’t wait to see what you create from here!

Work With Me

Let’s find the place where you stop having daily “beat myself up, add heaps of judgment, with a juicy twist of shame” sessions because you think you are doing it all wrong.

Let’s get back to the place where you believe in yourself and your motherhood.

We can do it together. I promise.
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